Average Beaver Ticket Release

Hello! Today our second batch of 50 tickets are available to register. Yay!

We’re a teeny bit concerned about the balance of people who registered tickets from our Earlybird release. While we’re flattered that so many people are up for coming along to our little camp, we are also keen to remember what it’s actually about (social housing, by the way).

So – as you’ll see below – half of this release is restricted to only people who work for a social housing┬áprovider (including local authorities), and half is open to anyone (including social housing staff if the other half fill up first). I’m sure you’ll understand that if we’re talking about housing all day, we’d like to have plenty of actual people from actual housing associations there ;).

This feels like a good time to remind you all that while of course everybody is welcome – if you’re coming with, for want of a better phrase, a commercial hat on, then you need to get stuck in to the day exactly the same as everyone else. No explicit sales pitches, no lecturing, and definitely no ‘industry research’ by sitting in the corner.

If you’ve got any questions, please do give me a shout – we’d much rather talk to you than leave you a bit confused! I’m @jonfoster or jon@housingcamp.org.

And big thanks to our latest sponsors OurHousing and Cullinan Studio.

(if you can’t see anything here, then go here)

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