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The unconference lingo can be a bit intimidating.  “Pitching”.  Assuming you’re not an American football fan, you’ll probably associate this word with sales.  And not everyone is comfortable with that.  So a quick word of reassurance.  There’s no expectation of a highly polished, clearly articulated elevated pitch (though if you have one of those, that’s fine).  Its perfectly fine to come along and “pitch” any number of variants on….

  • I’m working on [our welfare reform microsite], and I’d really like to get some feedback on our thinking so far.
  • I’m struggling with [finding alternatives to traditional benchmarking], and I’d really like a conversation with anyone who’s got some wisdom to share on it.
  • I’m struggling with [getting our main IT system supplier to provide a decent service], and I’d really like a conversation with others who’re in the same boat – as together we’ll have a louder voice to improve things.
  • I’ve had a eureka moment on [how to co-create projects and collaborate with customers online] and I’d love to share it with anyone who’s interested
  • I’m thinking about [mobile apps], and feel that something might be possible, but I’m not sure what.  It would be good to talk with folks with similar interests and we might be able to find a good approach
  • I’ve got this great idea for [data sharing] – and I’d love to find other orgs that might be up for joining in.

…. you get my drift.

Pitches at #ukgc11 by Paul Clarke

Pitches at #ukgc11 by Paul Clarke

And not everyone is happy standing up in a room full of people and ‘saying it out loud’.  So if that’s you, never fear.  Just fill in a ‘Pitch Card’ on the day, hand it to our facilitator for the day (the Lovely @LloydDavis), or put it in the “Pitch Box” that will be at the side of the room, and someone will read it out for you.  Simples.

There was a great discussion at CommsCamp about how few women pitch  (here’s the storify) – so we’re really hoping that ‘Pitch Cards’ and will make it easier for everyone to get involved.

And if you wanna check out some real life pitches – here are the LocalGovCamp 2011 ones courtesy of John Popham.

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