So – Housing Camp is at GDS – where’s that then? [2015 update]

The Government Digital Service are in Aviation House in Holborn. The building’s at the top of Kingsway, just before you get to High Holborn. The address is 125 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6NH. Here’s a map.

As well as being where Jon gets his hair cut, [2015 update: we’ve gone hipster] Holborn is also well served by public transport, so should be easily accessible no matter where you’re coming from. A plentiful selection of bus routes pass through the area, and Holborn station is served by the Piccadilly (the tourist one) and the Central (the sauna one) lines of the London Underground. Tottenham Court Road station is not far either either.

Aviation House from over road. Yes, it is rather grand isn't it.

Aviation House.

If you’re coming on the tube, walk out the exit immediately in front of you when you get to the top of the escalator (fun escalator fact: they were originally designed as theme park rides – sadly though, these ones don’t go faster when I scream, in fact they usually stop) – then cross the road and turn left, walking away from the junction/Sainsbury’s. Almost immediately you’ll see the front door on your right.

When you arrive, if there’s no obvious open door, press the buzzer on the right.

Need to plan your journey from the London station you’re arriving at/friends sofa you’re crashing on? Use this magical CityMapper link, and enter your start point. Londoner and never heard of CityMapper? Click here. [2015 update: surely everyone’s heard of citymapper?]

We’ll be heading to the Holborn Whippet afterwards for some revelry, and your friends/colleagues/partners/pets/flatmates/3rd cousins/other appendages are all most welcome to join. It’s on Sicilian Avenue, just the other side of High Holborn, thankfully, Google Maps exists to help.

Photos by Carol on Flickr.

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