So what is Housing Camp?

As a I write all the different things (email, Eventbrite, blog post, etc) to announce the next Housing Camp – I’m struck by the fact we don’t actually have one single ‘About’ page that actually says what it is. Whoops. So here goes…

Housing Camp is a free unconference for people interested in doing new, exciting and different things in social housing.

An un-conference means that the event will be the opposite of everything you might expect from a normal conference. It’s free, it’s on a Saturday, Friday at #NHF15, nobody wears a suit (unless you want to), etc. But the most important thing is, there’s no agenda – which means there are no big ‘look at me, I know what I’m doing’ keynote speakers to bore you.

Except there is kind of an agenda; it just doesn’t exist yet. The first thing we’ll do on the morning of the event is all create the agenda together – which means that whatever your interest, the event’s pretty much guaranteed to be relevant. If you want to talk about something, you just pick a time and room, and add it to the agenda – done.

The result of all this is that Housing Camp ends up being a space where really amazing people, who really care about housing stuff come and have great conversations, come up with amazing ideas, and generally have a lot of fun. Everyone’s welcome – all we ask is that you’re positive, and don’t try and sell things, it spoils the vibe a bit.

Over the years we’ve put various bits and pieces together that explain the different bits of Housing Camp a bit more, so if you’re interested – have a look through these…

You can also have a look at what people thought of the events in 2013, and in 2014.

And finally, it’s worth saying that Housing Camp started off quite heavily focussed on digital things. But Housing Camp isn’t just about digital any more, you’ll find just as many sessions on other topics as you will purely about digital stuff.

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